Protective Medical Pet Clothing!

  • Rescues humans from makeshift solutions that don't work!
  • Helps humans help pets heal and recover
  • Is anatomically designed for cats and dogs to protect bandages and wounds
  • Results in smoother healing process!

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Protective Pet Clothing for Veterinary Wounds

A brand we created to help manage your pet’s wounds and make the delicate healing process easier.

At VetGood®, we want your dog or cat to heal quickly and properly after being injured, and to be as comfortable and safe as possible when doing so. That's because we know what it's like to have a companion animal in pain. In fact, that's why we created our line of VetGood protective veterinary pet clothing and wound management products.

We want your pet to be back to their old self as soon as possible. And the quicker they recover, the quicker they will be able to run and jump and play. They'll also be up for more snuggling when they feel better.

VetGood pet care clothing is anatomically designed to protect wounds, stitches, splints, bandages, and dermatologic problems. They can even hold ice packs, padding and are available in various sizes with features that ensure a perfect fit for your pet, from smaller to much larger breeds.

Instead of having to cobble together some makeshift method, give your pet the optimal care and protection they need with the state of the art dog boots and pet suits from VetGood. Made to fit – and protect – your furry friend.

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VetGood Protective Veterinary Dog Boots for pets recovering from paw injuries and wounds needing to heal.

Protective Dog Boots

VetGood protective veterinary dog boots are a must for pets recovering from paw injuries and wounds needing to heal quickly, and with minimum fuss. No matter what your pet's limb issues are, from broken bones to an orthopedic or soft tissue surgery or other type of veterinary wound or incision procedure requiring a bandage or splint; our waterproof protective boots can keep your dog's injuries and wound care products clean and dry so they can heal properly.

And because we designed them specifically for this purpose, they work much better than any makeshift solution that could result in other serious problems.

These breathable boots include an upper drawstring enclosure and adjustable elastic Velcro straps that help make sure it fits securely over your dog's bandage or splint, while keeping it simple to remove.

VetGood boots are also available in a range of sizes, from XS to XL, so you know they will fit your pup's paw size correctly, no matter how big or small of a dog you have. And that means easier walks for you and your dog, and fewer bandage changes and rewraps. Keep your dog from licking, chewing, or scratching their veterinary wounds with the VetGood protective dog boot and help make the healing process quicker, smoother and get your pet back on his or her paws.

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VetGood Protective Medical Pet Suit for dogs and cats with veterinary wounds or incisions needing to heal.

Protective Medical Pet Suit

Having an injured dog or cat is hard enough, without having to try to put them in protective clothing that doesn't fit them. That's what makes the VetGood Protective Medical Pet Suit the perfect solution for dogs and cats with veterinary wounds or incisions that need to heal.

Our two-piece medical pet suits and veterinary shirts are custom designed to cover bandages, minimize complications and even help with dermatologic problems.

Unlike homemade solutions, VetGood pet suits are anatomically built for your companion animal and come in a variety of sizes so you get a snug, yet breathable, fit. So you don’t have to struggle with tshirts and onesies! Its two-piece design, with Velcro closure, makes it a breeze to put on or take off – to swap out for a clean one, or to take off when returning to the veterinarian for follow-up.

VetGood protective pet suits are made of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra to stretch a little, and are machine washable. The internal pockets on the top and bottom are perfect for fitting in ice packs to stop swelling or padding to enable absorption. The top fully covers the torso, and the bottom fully covers the rear so your pet is fully protected during recovery.

Our philosophy has always been when it comes to the safety and health of your injured pet you can never have too much protection.

The fact is veterinarians who specialize in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Spay/Neuter, and Dermatology recommend protective suits for better wound management. And there’s no better choice for your dog or cat than the Protective Medical Pet Suits from VetGood.

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Homemade Remedies Simply Don't Work.

VetGood delivers protective veterinarian pet clothing and online wound management products for dogs and cats.

Why Vetgood®?

We started VetGood because we had a passion for pets – and a strong desire to protect them when they need it most. So when it comes to our protective boots and suits, you can rest assured that our wound management products can help your dog or cat heal quickly and get them back to their old enthusiastic self in no time. You may be tempted to try to come up with your own homemade solution to protect your pet's wounds but makeshift products can fall off from being too loose, or cause circulations issues if too tight. They also don’t provide the state of the art level of protection that VetGood products have become synonymous with throughout the pet care and medical industry. Vetgood is also available without a veterinary prescription.

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