VetGood® VetGood® Protective Recovery Dog Boots Protective Medical Pet Clothing VetGood® Protective Recovery Dog Boots safeguard leg bandages, splints, and casts from dirt, rain, snow, mud, sprinklers, and the morning dew. The waterproof and breathable boots feature a polyurethane coated nylon shell and seam sealing for no leakage, a rubber cup sole for durable nonskid support, Velcro® straps for easy on/easy off. The VetGood Protective Boots are a convenient and professional solution to helping pets recover from limb injuries.
, September 30, 2015
5/ 5stars ”This product is ESSENTIAL if you have a dog with a paw injury and you want to keep your sanity. This was a godsend when my 12 week old puppy broke her paw and had to be in a cast for 6 weeks. Because a dog’s paw dressing must be kept dry at all times, and because plastic bags simply do not work, I highly recommend these boots! Before finding these, we tried everything available at every pet store and nothing, NOTHING works like these protective boots. Thank you, VetGood!”

Vetgood Extreme Boot


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For extended pet injuries requiring a heavier splint or thicker bandage for more than a few weeks we recommend ordering the VetGood Extreme Boot model. Our Extreme Boot includes a durable molded rubber bottom designed to accommodate thicker dressings or wider splints –or patients with difficult gaits on difficult terrain, for longer periods of time. We know your pet deserves the highest level of comfort and the absolute best protection. After all, your pet has been through enough with this episode. That's where the VetGood® Protective Veterinary Extreme Dog Boot can help.

Taking your dog outside may seem difficult now, but it doesn't have to be. With our extreme protective dog boot you not only give your pet the protection they need but you get the peace of mind knowing they are healing properly and safely.


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