VetGood® VetGood® Protective Recovery Pet Suits Protective Medical Pet Clothing VetGood® Protective Recovery Pet Suits protect veterinary woundsthat need to heal. The medical suits feature internal pockets for ice packs for swelling or pads for absorption and, a port for infusions or drains, a turtle neck for additional protection. The VetGood Protective Suits are available for dogs in sizes ranging from Teacup breeds, Poodles, Beagles, Cattle Dogs, Collies, Pit Bulls, Retrievers, and Bull Mastiffs. Veterinarians who specialize in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Spay/Neuter, and Dermatology recommend protective suits for better wound management.
, September 30, 2015
5/ 5stars ”This product is ESSENTIAL if you have a dog with a paw injury and you want to keep your sanity. This was a godsend when my 12 week old puppy broke her paw and had to be in a cast for 6 weeks. Because a dog’s paw dressing must be kept dry at all times, and because plastic bags simply do not work, I highly recommend these boots! Before finding these, we tried everything available at every pet store and nothing, NOTHING works like these protective boots. Thank you, VetGood!”

Vetgood Slim Boot


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Superior open-wound healing for dogs and cats
Medical doctors, athletes, and even famous bandage companies improve healing with nanosilver and bamboo fabric, because it’s shown to reduce moisture and bacterial infections.*

But what about better healing for dogs and cats? Now there’s Vetgood Slim — the protective veterinary boot with a soft, antimicrobial bamboo and silver lining.

Indicated for dog and cat treatment with the following wounds::
• Burns
• Degloving
• Excessive licking and irritation
• Hot spots
• Lick granulomas
• Punctures

Reduce bacterial threats with its soft, antimicrobial bamboo and silver lining.