Fewer Bandage Changes Means Quicker Recovery

How do I know which VetGood boot to order?

Why Pet Owners Need the VetGood Protective Basic Dog Boot?

VetGood Protective Boots are a convenient and professional solution to help pets convalesce from limb injuries or incision procedures requiring a soft bandage for a couple of days or weeks. While there may be other ways to cover your dog's bandage, these makeshift solutions simply don't offer the protection and comfort that VetGood products are renowned for. In fact, they can even make things worse. Other products that can be bought or made do not come close to the specifications and superior quality that our brand is committed to.

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For Long-Term Paw Injuries (Several weeks or more) You Need the VetGood Protective Extreme Dog Boot.

For extended pet injuries requiring a heavier splint or thicker bandage for more than a few weeks we recommend ordering the VetGood Extreme Boot model. Our Extreme Boot includes a durable molded rubber bottom designed to accommodate thicker dressings or wider splints –or patients with difficult gaits on difficult terrain, for longer periods of time.

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Ordering your dog one of our veterinary boots means fewer bandage changes and rewraps which means your pet's recovery can stay right on schedule and may even heal more quickly! They can also serve as a barrier to prevent your dog from scratching, licking, or irritating the bandaged area.

By combining state-of-the-art features for extra protection with its simple and intuitive design, VetGood boots can keep your dog’s front or rear leg injuries and wound care products clean and dry so they can heal fully and quickly, while reducing the complications that come from having wet bandages.

And they are easy to care for, too. Simply place your boot in the washing machine in cool water and hang them to dry.

We developed our line of veterinary boots after our own pet was recovering from multiple surgeries and there were no products available that offered the protection and security he needed. So we know firsthand the challenges you and your pup are dealing with.

When it comes to the health of your pet we believe they deserve the very best. At VetGood we are pet owners too, so we take pride and care in making sure our veterinary products not only fit your dog and keep them safe, but also aid in their recovery.